I'm Aurélie, illustrator and surface pattern designer. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember! 

I studied graphic design at Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon and  then worked as a textile designer in Paris for over 10 years for different brands and trend agencies.

Now, I'm the main designer of Cocktail Maison Studio and create fresh and cheerful artworks for fashion, accessories, beachwear, kidswear, home decor and packaging.

I worked with : Oodji, Smiley World, Don't call me Jennyfer, Undiz, Cache Cache, Armand Thierry, La Halle,  La Redoute, Orchestra, Vert Baudet, Minikane, Promostyl, Clarins, Kipling, Robert Graham...

An updated collection is available all year long and I also partners with brands to produce custom designs. 
Let's talk about your creative projects & ideas :)


Offer high quality creative services and have business according to 3 guiding principles.
Yes, I believe in pleasure at work! 
I'm happy to share new projects and great moments with passionate and demanding people.
I want to build a lasting relationship with my customers, collaborating with transparency in a climate of trust.
For each project I put myself at the service of my customers, their identity and the stories they want to tell.
Drawing by hand and seek new ideas are very important for me.
Scribble down sketches, patterns, ideas and let my imagination run wild  before selecting and reworking them.
I always keep an eye on trends in order to follow them or do the absolute opposite as long as it serves the best creative qualities.
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